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  • Salem Educational Article of the Month - What if a Salem house mouse got inside my house?

What if a Salem house mouse got inside my house?

Do you know Salem house mice are commonly found in human houses and homes? They usually live along with human being as a result of benefits that come by. House mice usually feed on almost all dishes human beings feed on and hence the availability of food around human homes makes the mice nest in areas just within human homes. The existence of areas such as attics, and other isolated areas at houses also encourage house mice to find shelter in them in that they offer warmth and security in that there are no predators that may be able to access such areas.

Problems caused by house mice
Below is a list of some of the problems that may come along with Oregon house mice getting into one’s house, bedroom, kitchen or any other structure within human premises:
• House mice are known to be very fast breeders. They are capable of breeding all year and their reproduction rate is at shocking levels and as a result may be a nuisance to human beings
• Gnawed wires, fabrics, furniture and other structures is a clear sign of existence of house mice in one’s home. This calls for high cost of maintenance and repair
• Just like any other animal, especially Salem rodents, house mice can me pest and disease transmitters. Physical contact with such animals may lead to health problems in human beings
• Mice are fond of leaving their droppings everywhere they go and this may result to contamination of both water and foods

Procedure of dealing with mice infestation
One must first be able to determine that the problem is Oregon mice infestation even before coming up with different ways on eradicating any house mice that may have gotten into the house, kitchen, bedroom, etc. This is mainly done by conducting thorough physical inspection for any mice droppings, gnawed structures or even seeing the house mice. Entry points of such Salem mice should then be identified. There may be several opening that may be used by the house mice to access the house. Once the above steps are undertaken, one should then come up with ways of eradicating such house mice from the house.

One may get rid of mice using the following way:
• Poisoning the house mice
• Trapping and relocating the Salem mice

Due to their hazardous existence around human beings, one should ensure that Oregon house mice are eradicated from human homes.

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