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  • Salem Educational Article of the Month - Types of Salem Beaver Repellents: Are They Effective?

Types of Salem Beaver Repellents: Are They Effective?

Beavers can grow as high as up to 50 pounds, and they are capable enough to chew wooden structures. You may find them very gentle at first appearance, but soon you will realize their nuisance as they start building dams leading to the flooding issue. Many homeowners in the United States are in trouble due to Salem Beaver’s attack, and they need a trustworthy solution to deal with the problem as soon as possible. If you are also one of those, this article will be quite useful to you.

Types of Repellents:
There are several types of repellents available in the market, and you can also create few of them at home to repel beavers. Some of the most commonly used products are beaver sprays, beaver fences, and beaver traps. These three types of repellents are being used throughout the world, and each one of these has their own pros and cons. Below we have highlighted few details about some of the most commonly used Beaver repellents; you can choose any of these to deal with the infestation issue at your home.

Beaver’s Sprays:
This type of repellents is manufactured by using chemical and organic solutions. Professionals prefer to mix few natural herbs with the plants to develop some kind of chemical solution that can cause distressful conditions for beavers. The strong smell of these chemical repellents forces Oregon beavers to move out of the premises. Experts reveal that the odor of these products is strong enough to ensure desired results.

Beaver’s Fences:
If you live in the Salem beaver’s affected area, it is possible to control their activities by installing fences around your property. But before you install fences, it is important to know that beavers like gnawing, and if your fences are not able to resist against their gnawing, you may end up wasting much time and money.

Beaver’s Traps:
One can also set up Oregon beaver’s traps to get rid of these creatures from your premises. This method is good because the trap will always end up catching something but if you have pets and kids at home, traps can cause harm to them as well. It is good to set traps at right locations where beavers keep on visiting time and again. We cannot say that all Salem beaver’s repellents are good in all conditions and they can always provide best results. For example, the odor-based repellents are not suitable for rainy seasons as they cannot work for a longer time. Traps are also useful only if you have a limited number of beavers; they cannot help you to handle a large population. Fences work like preventive measures to deal with beaver’s problem; if they have already entered inside, you may need to look for other methods to get rid of them. In such situations, the best idea is to take help from professionals and let them handle the problem with trusted tips and tricks. They can help you to save your property from damage caused by these rodents.

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